SecureZIP for Windows

SecureZIP for Windows 14.20

SecureZIP gives you a host of tools to create and manage ZIP files
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SecureZIP for Windows is an encryption and compression tool. This application, once installed, works hand in hand with most Microsoft products to allow you to save your sensitive data directly from other computers and keep it safe. When you save a file using the SecureZIP options, the file gets encrypted with a pass phrase or security certificates. The encryption data is saved with the file, which makes it hard to crack. SecureZIP works with most Office applications and Outlook. So, whenever you want to send a sensitive file, all you have to do is go to File, Save Copy as SecureZIP file. The application will encrypt your files. When you want to open the file, simply go to Open SecureZIP file. It is also a nice feature that you can send encrypted e-mail messages from within Outlook. All in all, the application is a great security measure for files that you need to send or move around. What really makes it stand out from the other applications of this type that I know is its seamless integration with Microsoft's Office applications.

José Fernández
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